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North Pole News Goes LIVE in ONE HOUR

The news crews are putting themselves into place over at the studios of North Pole Radio News – getting ready to begin broadcasting in one hour the news of tracking Santa.

We always get asked why it starts so many hours before Santa launches. And that’s because the story of Santa’s flight begins hours before he leaves – when Christmas Eve dawns on the far parts of the world!

As of right now, it is less than an hour until Christmas Eve day begins in the South Pacific. And that’s when the live coverage begins.

Elf Ernest
Click here to Visit the Tracking Center ~ Click here to Track Santa by Text
North Pole Weather: -20 degrees F, ***Snow **BLIZZARD WARNING**
Hours until LIVE Radio Broadcast News begins on Kringle Radio: 1 hour

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  1. Bianca
    Bianca says:

    This Santa site has really helped me! and my kids know when santa is coming! and how to see him live!

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