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North Pole Launches Airlift

North Pole Launches Airlift 1
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Launches Airlift


The weather and lots of elves behind schedule has pushed forward an annual airlift that customarily takes place at the North Pole in advance of Santa’s flight.

At this moment I can see out my window, despite the blowing snow in every direction from the high winds here, thousand and thousands of sleighs taking off for all points around the globe. Your chances of seeing a sleigh in flight is never greater than in the first 24 hours previous to Santa’s flight. Be on the look out!

The airlift will continue for several hours.

Elf Ernest
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North Pole Weather: -17 degrees F, *** Overcast, High Winds *** **BLIZZARD WARNING**
Where it is Christmas Eve: Majuro, Magadan, Suva, Wellington, Nukualofa, Kiritimati, Samoa
Bedtime Warnings: None yet

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