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Nations Clear Air Space for Santa

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Nations Clear Air Space for Santa


One of the jobs at the tracking center has actually been a work in progress now for months — working with the countries around the world to make sure the skies are clear for Santa.

The world always has some air traffic out there. Santa usually doesn’t have to worry about too many planes in flight to compete with for space except over really populated areas. In those situations, a special effort has to be made to clear the way for Santa.

So elves visit and talk with air traffic controllers months in advance to clear air space for Santa. Santa moves much, much faster than most planes so this is also a safety issue. Santa doesn’t want to alarm any pilots out there.

Anyway, by this point in the project, most airports know when Santa will be in their neighborhood and they have taken steps to clear the path for Santa.

Elf Ernest
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