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Elves Worried They Won’t Finish in Time

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Elves Worried They Won't Finish in Time


Despite all the good news of the past several hours there is still an air of pessimism at the North Pole at this hour. Some elves are feeling they just won’t get done what needs to be completed before Santa takes off.

It is a common feeling that hits us every year at this point. The work list remains long, especially for those in the Santa’s workshop.

But other elves feel it too. Of course, the wrapping department elves cannot do what they do until the workshop sends stuff to them. They end up working longer than anyone else.

And the elves over at the North Pole Post Office are handling more mail today than they do any other day of the year.

All this busy-ness lends itself to a nagging thought that they won’t get it all done. I can tell you right now this is all normal.

Elf Ernest
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