Day Time Christmas Eve Traditions

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Day Time Christmas Eve Traditions


We are hearing of some Christmas Eve activities that will take place soon in places like the Philippines, Guam and in Japan. These are areas where Christmas and Santa are pretty well celebrated.

In Guam they have a children’s parade on Christmas Eve. The kids there will decorate their bikes, trikes and wagons and lead the adults right down the middle of the street. They are the stars of the show and they have a great time pulling off the parade before their Christmas Eve parties.

And in Japan the kids line up with their families to buy…Kentucky Fried Chicken. No kidding. We don’t know when this started but for some reason it has become a Christmas Eve tradition in Japan.

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Where it is Christmas Eve: South Pacific Island Nations, parts of Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Far East Asia, parts of Central Asia
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