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Mrs. Claus Readies for Uncertain Christmas Party

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Mrs. Claus Readies for Uncertain Christmas Party

prelaunchnewsGreetings All,

With all the frenzy that is at the North Pole we frequently fail to report on the good work done by Mrs. Claus during these critical hours. What is she up to?

Mrs. Claus, of course, tends first to Santa’s personal needs. She makes sure his suit fits. She makes sure he feels ok, is fed and has rested before his flight.

But once Santa takes off Mrs. Claus turns her attention to the North Pole Christmas Eve Party. She chairs the committee that pulls it off.

As elves come off duty as each department wraps up their work on Christmas Eve Mrs. Claus will welcome them to the Claus residence where they are greeted by festive decorations, plenty of good food, music and games to help pass the time.

What are the elves doing at the party? Well, like all of us they are tracking Santa – because for them the real party doesn’t begin until Santa’s work is finished.

The party only gets bigger and bigger as the night and the day and the night again goes on. It’s a long couple of days and big undertaking for Mrs. Claus.

Elf Ernest
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