Elves Grounded at the North Pole

prelaunchnewsGreetings Everyone!

Well the lack of reindeer at the North Pole is officially presenting itself as a problem.

Elves at the North Pole are grounded and cannot get out.

Over the past several days tracker elves who work all over the world on Christmas Eve have been meeting and receiving training for their duties this year. With Santa’s launch literally just hours away they need to leave the North Pole to their assigned positions.

Normally they would just hop on a sleigh pulled by reindeer and they would fly off to their field of assignment.

Right now they are getting out the best way they can. Some are traveling by sled dog. Others are catching planes. Some are getting out by submarine.

We just hope they are in place before they need to begin reporting back to the North Pole.

Elf Ernest
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North Pole Weather: -12 degrees F, Light Snow **WINTER STORM WARNING**
Hours until LIVE Radio Broadcast News begins on Kringle Radio: 26 hours
Hours until Santa launches the sleigh: 46 hours