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Reindeer Supplies Show Up at the North Pole

Reindeer Supplies Show Up at the North Pole 1
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Reindeer Supplies Show Up at the North Pole

su2015-4Happy Wednesday!

Well, a big surprise today at the North Pole. A large shipment of reindeer feed and supplies needed to care for them showed up.

The elves at Santa’s stables were confused with who ordered the stuff. With Elf Victor gone nobody else would have done this.

Then Santa walked into the barn and said that he had ordered the stuff.

When they asked him if he knew when the reindeer would be back Santa just said no. But he had a twinkle in his eye.

Here’s one thing you need to remember about Santa: he is a reindeer whisperer.

He knows reindeer like no other man in the world. He can tell when they feel well and when they do not. He knows if they are happy or sad. And he can get them to do things no other man can.

So I’m taking it that Santa knows something about the reindeer returning that nobody else does.

Elf Ernest

Click the player below to hear Elf Crash explain the difference between Norad Santa Tracking and the North Pole’s Santa Tracking:

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  1. Fiona Lacey
    Fiona Lacey says:

    Yeah, wat would we do without the reindeer? They are SUPER important for Santa and Christmas Eve.

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