Things to Do on Christmas Eve

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Things to Do on Christmas Eve

su2015-40Hey everyone!

As we inch closer and closer to Christmas we receive some notes of concern by some families who are worried they might forget something before Santa comes to their house. One frequent question we get is “What should we do on Christmas Eve?”

It’s a good question because many have different ideas and traditions in their own homes that are unique on Christmas Eve.

Santa thinks you should continue to enjoy those activities and spend whatever time together that you can on Christmas Eve.

But if you’re looking for ideas, here is what Santa suggests:

1. Track Santa – depending on where you live it is likely that Santa will already be in flight when you wake up. Put up a world map or get a globe and follow along all day right here on Santa Update.com and on Kringle Radio.

2. Hang your stocking! Make sure it is clean and if you want to leave a little note in there for Santa he would love that.

3. Become an elf and work as a secret spy for Santa on Christmas Eve. He needs all the help he can get!

4. Find someone you can secretly surprise with a little gift of service. Do something nice for someone else!

5. Make some cookies and share with a neighbor. Everyone loves Christmas cookies!

These are some simple suggestions. Santa wants you to enjoy a great day on Christmas Eve and to have a lot of fun.

Elf Ernest

Click the player below to hear Elf Crash answer a question about cookies and milk for Santa from Mrs. Woodruff’s first grade class:

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