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Put this Sign in Your Window

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Put this Sign in Your Window

su2015-40Happy Monday and Happy 10-Days-Til-Christmas-Eve!

That’s right, Christmas is getting closer by the second.

Today we have a special announcement for you. We would like all who visit our site to print up this little sign:


…and put it in your window at home.

It tells the world that you believe in Santa, that you believe in Christmas, and that you believe is everything that is merry and bright about the season.

Santa believes that if more people do this kind of thing we will see more kindness in the world, more charity, more good will between neighbors and friends.

Share this with all your friends. If you’re seeing this on Facebook or Twitter, hit share or like and get it out there. Spread the good word of Christmas!

Click here to download the sign

Elf Ernest

Click the player below to listen to Elf Crash explain how Santa gets around the world in one night:

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