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North Pole Podcast
Santa Asks for Help

su2015-39It’s the next to last Saturday before Christmas!

Boy, the time is going quick. I’ve been informed by Elf Agent X that it is time that I tell you about becoming a secret spy for Santa.

The most popular request we get here at the North Pole is the one from a child asking to become an elf.

And it can happen. You just have to go to ELF and apply. Once accepted, your first assignment will be that as a secret spy for Santa.

A secret spy doesn’t spy on people – a secret spy is someone who works for Santa in secret.

You can read all about it on the website. But Santa needs a bunch of new secret spies this year. He needs YOUR help. Please think about signing up.

Elf Ernest

Click the player below to hear Elf Crash explain why Santa does not bring presents for some parents:

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