What Santa Wants You to Know About Your Christmas Tree

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
What Santa Wants You to Know About Your Christmas Tree

su2015-26Merry Greetings!

I’ve written this post about a thousand times over the years and because it is December 1st and a great North Pole tradition Santa has asked me to write it again.

It’s about your Christmas tree.

Santa feels the Christmas tree is the most important of Christmas symbols. The tree comes from nature, is put into our homes and is given a grand central place within it where it can shine. We gather around the tree, we sing around the tree, we celebrate around the tree. It becomes one of us, a member of the family.

As such, it deserves a name. Everyone in your family has a name, right? So your tree should have a name.

The tree radiates light. It gives all the time. It makes people happy.

So give your tree a little love today. Make sure, if it is a real tree, that it has water. Keep it safe from heat and open flames. And talk to it, tell it how much you love and appreciate it.

Remember, these directions are from Santa himself. He knows Christmas and Christmas trees better than anyone.

Elf Ernest


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    annie trent says:

    We have not done any decoration yet ! Ugh i can not wait my mom said soon so maybe in like 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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