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Operation Merry Christmas 2015 Kicks Off

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Operation Merry Christmas 2015 Kicks Off

su2015-11Hi friends!

Deep in the dark of night, right after midnight, in fact, a special group of elves reported to work at Santa’s Workshop and the first thing they did was to install the big countdown clock high in the rafters of the building.

Each day the clock descends a little lower until, on Christmas Eve day, it sits at eye level for every elf in the Workshop. It is a very visual reminder each day that Christmas is getting closer.

When elves see that big clock up high in the workshop they know that Operation Merry Christmas has officially started.

Operation Merry Christmas is what we call the Santa effort to get around the world and Santa back home on Christmas morning. It is our mission – all that we do and work on all year round.

Today is a day of great energy. Every elf in every department at the North Pole is hard at work today figuring out what they exactly need to do between now and Christmas Eve to help Santa do his job.

Click the player below to hear a news update from Elf Crash on his visit to the Tracking Department.

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