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Celebrating Thanksgiving at the North Pole

Celebrating Thanksgiving at the North Pole 1
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Celebrating Thanksgiving at the North Pole

su2015-8Merry Greetings!

Boy, what isn’t there to celebrate today? Christmas is officially one month from today – AND – it’s the day before Thanksgiving here at the North Pole.

There are two things and two things only going on at the North Pole today: baking lots of pies and hanging lots of lights.

Santa loves, loves, loves the Thanksgiving holiday. In fact, he celebrates Thanksgiving at least once a month. That is how much he loves it. He thinks it is important for us to be grateful before we celebrate Christmas.

And yes, of course, he loves the food.

Did you know that Santa himself loves to make pumpkin pie? It’s true! Santa can be a great cook. But he really loves to make the pumpkin pies from scratch. He grows the pumpkin in his garden, harvests it, cooks it and mashes it before he mixes it with all the other ingredients to make the pie. He makes his pie crust by hand too, but he’ll admit that Mrs. Claus has to help him with that.

The rest of us here at the North Pole are working on our Christmas decorations. Thanksgiving evening, after everyone has had their meal and spent time with their family, the entire North Pole community goes on a “walkabout”. We meet in the park where Santa will have one of the elf children flip the big switch that turns on all the lights all over the North Pole. Then folks walk about the neighborhoods looking at all the lights.

Yes, being elves, we have to have a contest. I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow.

Elf Ernest