North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
1 Month Until Christmas

su2015-2Hi ho! Just one month to go!

The countdown is in full swing at the North Pole as Christmas Eve is just one month from today. Can you imagine how crazy it will be then?

Actually, Christmas Eve a month from now actually begins a day earlier for many people – we start our Christmas Eve here when it first starts in the far corners of the world.

The islands of the far South Pacific experience Christmas Eve first so our crack radio news team will be on the job broadcasting the news of Santa and the North Pole from the moment that Christmas Eve dawns there.

We invite you to listen along on Kringle Radio beginning December 23rd at 6am EST in the USA, about 11am in Europe, 1pm in the Middle East, 6pm in Asia, 10pm in Australia and at straight up midnight 12/24 in New Zealand.

Today also signals the beginning of daily updates from the North Pole right here on For the next month we will be bringing you fresh news every day – and on some days it could be several times a day! – as we report on Santa, the elves and all things associated with Operation Merry Christmas.

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