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Where are the reindeer?

su2015-4Merry Greetings, everyone!

Christmas a little more than a month away and that has tensions running a little high at the North Pole. Everything appears to be on track and nothing is standing in the way of the crew at the North Pole from completing their work.

But folks are a little unhappy anyway.

In a high level staff meeting today Santa had to answer to a number of angry elves demanding to know where the reindeer are.

As we have been telling you all year Santa sent the reindeer “Home” to get some rest. He told us that the reindeer would come back “at the right time” and many elves feel that right time is now.

The post office department is having to bring in mail from countries around the world by airplane and helicopter. Usually the reindeer shuttle the mail in by sleigh.

Supplies are slow getting to the North Pole for the same reason.

Even Santa himself, who travels a lot, cannot travel by reindeer right now because there are no reindeer around to take him.

Elves are also not happy about Elf Victor’s absence. They feel he should be here with everyone else.

Santa did his best to calm everyone down. He said that Elf Victor was doing good work where he was and that with the reindeer gone he wasn’t really needed at the North Pole.

The topic of the reindeer was one Santa was very firm about.

Santa said it was most important that the reindeer be at the North Pole when he needed to take flight but not before. He again told us they would be here when they need to be. And he told us he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

In other news, Elf Crash Murphy answer a question from Riley in California about the music Santa listens to when he flies. Click the player below to hear the report.

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