Elf Crash to Take Questions from Santa Fans

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Elf Crash to Take Questions from Santa Fans

askcrashGreetings, everyone!

Some fun news to share today — Elf Crash Murphy has been reporting the news from behind Santa’s sleigh as he follows Santa around the world each Christmas Eve and thanks to those reports he has gained quite a following. We figured he would be a good one to take common questions from Santa fans out there and answer them.

So if you have a question just click on the “Ask Crash” graphic on the right or go to this page to submit your question. As time allows, Frank will sort through the questions and choose one for Crash to answer — and it will all happen over on Kringle Radio. So tune in, ask away and listen for Crash to answer.

You can listen to Frank and Crash discuss this by listening via the player below to news as it was posted a short time ago on Kringle Radio.

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