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North Pole Encourages Early Christmas Decorating

su2015-3Elf Hugo reports that some kids from around the world are asking if it is okay to decorate for Christmas now.

I checked with Santa and he said, “By all means! Put up your tree, hang your lights and decorate your windows!”. Santa said Christmas is a happy thing and the world needs more happy stuff.

Of course, here at the North Pole we are busily decorating for Christmas. We have a big contest on Thanksgiving night coming up and we have to be ready. So after work at the workshop all day most elves head home to continue working on their lights and stuff.

Early Christmas decoration is frowned on in some areas of the world. But Santa says not to worry about it.

Elf Ernest

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  1. leeana
    leeana says:

    Leeanna See said”I love christmas thanks for letting me decorating early, im getting started now”

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