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2 Months Until Christmas

sleigh7Happy Saturday!

It is the 24th and that means there are now only TWO months until Christmas!

I won’t lie. Things are pretty tense here at the North Pole.

As the countdown clock shows each day that Christmas is getting closer and closer the absence of reindeer and the state of readiness for the sleigh is making people here nervous.

That has led to a new problem. When elves get nervous they eat – a lot.

Mrs. Claus reports that consumption of sugar cookies is up more than 40% in the workshop. That’s both good and bad. Elf Bernard says all that sugar helps elves work faster and as a result the workshop is ahead 7% for the year – a new record level for this late in the year.

But the bad news is that all those sugar cookies mean the elves take more naps, too.

I asked Santa today if everything was on track for Operation Merry Christmas. If something is really wrong, Santa will tell me. He tells me everything.

He just smiled. He asked if I wanted another sugar cookie — then he winked at me.

If he’s worried, he’s not letting on.

Elf Ernest