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Sleigh Barn Elves Sent to the Workshop

Sleigh Barn Elves Sent to the Workshop 1

1Hi everybody!

Well, there are no secrets ultimately at the North Pole. Elf Quinton and team at the Research and Development Department got caught working on a new sleigh design and Santa put a stop to it.

Worse than that. He sent all the elves except for Quinton to work in the workshop. They won’t be making sleighs any more this year. They will be making toys.

None of them are happy about it. But Santa insists that he is making his own sleigh this year and that he can use their help in the workshop instead.

He was quite stern about all this, which isn’t like Santa at all normally.

Elf Quinton says that he has seen Santa’s new sleigh and he says that even though Santa is a sleigh master himself and a master craftsman the new sleigh needs a lot of work and he doubts Santa can get it done in the next two months.

Santa replied by changing the locks on the sleigh barn and telling Quinton to focus his efforts in the tracking department for the next few months.

So it seems we have not only a mystery with the reindeer this year – but now the sleigh, too!

Elf Ernest

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  1. Ross Kleinschmit
    Ross Kleinschmit says:

    Ross is still checking in Wisconsin for the Reindeer, whitetail season is soon here so we’re sure they will be on the move.

  2. Ross Kleinschmit
    Ross Kleinschmit says:

    The Elves realize childrens dreams are what’s important, so get to work filling them.

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