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3 Months Until Christmas

3 Months Until Christmas 1

22Sound the alarms! Christmas is just three months away!

Are you done yet? Is your stocking hung? Are your presents for others wrapped? Have you brought out your Christmas tree?

What are you waiting for?

Sorry….got a little carried away there.

But this is where things start to go really crazy for Christmas around here. Elves are running around everywhere. There is just so much to do.

Mrs. Claus today asked me to call Santa home for “an emergency”. I hate doing that because it is kind of a little lie. She knows that she can’t call him because he will say he will “be right there” but then he doesn’t show up for hours. But if I call and say there is an emergency he will come running home in a hurry.

She wanted me to get him home so she could measure his tummy. Santa hates that. But Mrs. Claus is making a new suit for Santa and she can’t do it without the proper measurements. But Santa cannot stand to measure his stomach.

And I am kind of caught between the two of them.

It’s an elf’s life. What can I say?

Keep your browser tuned right here. Christmas is coming!

Elf Ernest

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  1. Tanvi Jaboseea
    Tanvi Jaboseea says:

    If I was at your place I would surely do anything for Santa Claus. But I am regretting because I am not an elf. May I be an elf? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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