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Elf Victor Tours Reindeer Ranches

Elf Victor Tours Reindeer Ranches 1


With little else to do until the reindeer return Elf Victor has departed from the North Pole for a tour of reindeer ranches Santa has placed all over the world.

He will be visiting Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Afghanistan, India, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Chile and the United States in the coming weeks. (Those countries all have reindeer ranches).

Elf Victor has been a little lonely. He told me today that he expected the reindeer to start coming back more than a month ago and he’s starting to worry about them.

Of course, we know they are just fine. But Elf Victor can’t wait to see them.

In other news, you’ll notice the North Pole Post Office is down this weekend. They are getting some upgrades and should be back up in a couple of days.

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