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Work Behind on Santa’s Sleigh

su2013gyHowdy, howdy!

Ack! It’s September!

And I have some rough news to report: Santa’s sleigh is way, way, way behind schedule.

That doesn’t mean there is a problem.

After all, Santa has literally thousands of sleighs piled up here at the North Pole. He could use any one of them on Christmas Eve so this really isn’t a big deal.

But elves here are a bit upset anyway. Santa having a new sleigh is kind of a tradition of Christmas.

But if you’ve been reading along this year you know that Santa doesn’t have a new sleigh for this year.

There is no supersonic design or modern sleigh to report.

Santa has been building a sleigh all by himself in the Sleigh Barn but he’s kind of stopped working on it.

Santa has been very busy with other stuff and he told me today “I’ll get back to it later” when I asked him about it.

For Elf Quinton, our sleigh master here at the North Pole, that is NOT good news.

He told me he has secretly put his elves to work on plans for a new sleigh that Santa doesn’t know about. He says he is not keeping secrets from Santa but that he can’t have them sitting around and not working and that since sleighs are what they do they might as well get busy.

So we’ll see how this pans out. I will keep you informed.

— Elf Ernest

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