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Santa Says 2015 Will Be An Old Fashioned Christmas


We had an end-of-summer picnic this week. Actually, it was more like a North Pole meeting, we just call it end-of-summer because of the calendar. It’s snowing outside and we met around a big table in the cafeteria and Mrs. Claus served sandwiches while Santa talked.

Santa was very serious in this meeting. I don’t think anything is really wrong but he had something on his mind he wouldn’t tell us. The whole point of his talk was that everyone should expect a very old fashioned Christmas in 2015.

By that Santa means kids and families and Christmas fans everywhere should be focusing on the things that make Christmas fun – like being together and doing things together.

Santa says over the next few months he will be talking about that to people.

Elves, of course, are very old people. We live longer than most normal people do. So when Santa says “old fashioned Christmas” we have to wonder if he means Christmas like 50 years ago or 100 years ago or 400 years ago. Christmas has been around a long time.

We’re not really sure what Santa means.

But as we figure it out, we’ll share it with you.

— Elf Ernest

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  1. Ross Kleinschmit
    Ross Kleinschmit says:

    We look forward to an old fashioned Christmas as well, I’ll do my best here in Oshkosh.

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