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4 Months Until Christmas

11Greetings, Santa fans!

It is the 24th of the month and that means just one thing – time to check the countdown. There are only four months now left until Christmas!

What are you doing to get ready?

Up here at the North Pole we are wrapping up our summer projects. Snow is flying in good amounts now and we need to move all projects indoors. That means the work on the reindeer pens are done, the new weather antennas are finished and some brand new radar towers are complete.

We are also starting to test new things built to make things move faster here – most notably the mail!

Last year we installed new computer work stations for the ever increasing amount of electronic mail that Santa receives and this year we expanded the mailroom for packages and letters that actually come to the North Pole. So everything is basically new and expanded in the mail department.

Elf Hugo said other things have been worked on too that he can’t tell you about because they are top secret. I will tell you this: expect to learn more about stocking mail this year. It is pretty exciting stuff.

Keep your emails, letters and messages coming!

Elf Ernest

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