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Santa’s Workshop Working on Non-Electric Toys

14breakingnewsHi boys and girls!

The news this week comes from Santa’s workshop, where Elf Bernard reports that everything is on track for a successful Christmas. So far.

They held a meeting with Santa and he directed the workshop to change their quotas on toys that require electricity. Everything from video games to race tracks has been scaled back and the workshop will be focusing now on non-electric toys.

Santa did not say why this was necessary.

But it sure changes things for the elves in the workshop. They are making lots of skateboards, doll houses and play equipment right now.

I asked Elf Hugo if Santa’s mail reflects a demand for those kinds of things.

He said “no”.

In talking to Santa he said “this Christmas will be one of imagination”.

I don’t know what that means but I think he just dropped a really big hint.

Elf Ernest

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