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6 Months Until Christmas Eve

24Hi Everyone!

Santa did something really unusual the other day – he sent every reindeer — even Blitzen — away from the North Pole.

There isn’t a reindeer to be found here right now.

That’s really unusual. In fact, I cannot remember a time when Santa has done this.

Why did Santa do this?

He felt it important that the reindeer spend time back where they came from. He sent them away and told them he would see them for Christmas. He doesn’t really know for sure when they will come back.

As we told you a few months ago Santa sends most of the reindeer away to ranches around the world but he lets them live completely free during that time. He has to wait for them to return to organize them for Christmas.

So all this is very unusual. But Santa says it is for the best.

I will keep you posted.

— Elf Ernest

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  1. Ross Kleinschmit
    Ross Kleinschmit says:

    Ross says that the Reindeer haven’t been seen in Wisconsin. If I see them I will report right away

  2. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    Hi! Listening to Kringle Radio right now, got up really early and went to bed early to listen! If any of you are losing your faith in Santa here he is real here is a story, it was in the 1950’s-1960’s:
    My grandma, who then was a little girl was sleeping when she heard a tap on the glass.
    It was Santa! He had cheeky red cheeks and a twinkle in his eyes. He said through the glass. “Little girl, little girl let me in. All the doors are shut, and there is no chimney!” my grandma hesitated for a moment, but then looked at the bag full of toys. She unlocked the door downstairs.
    Santa then left her toy’s and everything and left to deliver more toy’s to kids beyond the world!

    I Hope this restored your belief in Santa 🙂

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