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8 Months Until Christmas Eve

12Happy Spring, everyone!

The snow here at the North Pole is finally starting to melt. We’re seeing some flowers starting to pop up here and there and pretty soon we will be able to count on more sunlight so we can plant in our greenhouses. It snows most of the year here at the North Pole so we do not really do yard work or have traditional gardens. But we still find ways to grow things.

A sure sign of spring for us is when the reindeer leave the North Pole. Most have been here pretty steady since last fall. But as the weather starts to turn they head out for the mountains in high country ranches that Santa has set up in many different areas of the world.

As we told you last month, Santa considers this annual trip away from the North Pole for the reindeer kind of like going to reindeer school. Their time on the ranches is very free. They live on their own, find their own food and keep themselves occupied. Elf Victor always gets a little nervous sending them away but Santa has long taught that we have to trust the reindeer and know that they will be back.

There are always a few reindeer that stay at the North Pole. Some, like Blitzen, just refuse to leave Santa’s side (he loves Santa a lot!). But most reindeer leave at this time of the year. Some think it is a vacation for them but Santa doesn’t think so. They always come back stronger, he says. The young reindeer grow up fast during these times away from the North Pole. And something about their time away makes them more devoted to the work of Santa and Christmas when they return.

While they are gone there will be a lot of work put into to upgrading the reindeer barns and pens at the North Pole. Santa has big plans this year because he expects thousands of more reindeer to return than came back last year. It always happens. Those young reindeer babies that are born on the ranches stay there until they are about two years old. When the North Pole reindeer return to the ranches they teach those babies how to fly. And they come by the thousands seeking work at the North Pole with Santa. Santa says he can tell by the way the wind is blowing that a big new flock of reindeer will be coming back in the late summer and early fall. And he wants to be ready.

What do the elves do at this time of the year who normally help take care of reindeer? What is there for them to do when the reindeer go away? Well, they’re elves. What do you think they do?

They make toys!

Imagine that.

Until next month, friends.

— Elf Ernest