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What’s with all the sleighs?

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
What's with all the sleighs?


Santa is in Tonga at the moment and folks there are very happy.

But like all of us they questions what is up with all the sleighs. Nearly 100 sleighs are active in the skies of the South Pacific. They are not delivering anything, in fact, they aren’t even stopping anywhere. They appear to be targeting large populated areas with the intent of being seen by the public and picked up on local radar.

We are hoping to speak with Elf Quinton about this soon. The guys on the radio have tried to pin down Elf Buck Sanchez, Santa’s flight director in the Tracking Center, and their report can be heard below.

Elf Ernest

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Listen to the Flight Director at the Tracking Center talk about all the sleighs in flight around the world:

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