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Celebrations as Santa’s Workshop Completes their Work

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Celebrations as Santa's Workshop Completes their Work


Santa continues towards the coast of Siberia. All is well with the sleigh.

Rumors are swirling on Jingle Bell 1. Elves in Santa’s workshop there are being discharged as their work on Operation Merry Christmas has been declared complete. This is a milestone event. Only the Wrapping Department remains fully engaged at this time (well, besides the tracking department). Elves from the workshop are either heading over to Wrapping to lend a hand or starting to board sleighs for a return flight to the North Pole for the Christmas Party there.

Elf Ernest

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Listen to Elf Ed Zachary explain what elves on Jingle Bell 1 are doing now that the workshop’s work is done there:

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