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World Tunes in to Kringle Radio for Santa’s Launch

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
World Tunes in to Kringle Radio for Santa's Launch


prelaunchnews1We’re pleased to see so many people tuned into Kringle Radio as the hour of Santa’s launch gets closer.

We also have several radio stations all over the world carrying our live broadcast from the North Pole. Hello and Merry Christmas to all of you!

We love doing this broadcast. It brings the world together every Christmas unlike any other event associated with Santa. It’s a lot of fun.

It’s never too late to join the broadcast. It has more than a full day to go! You can listen to the updates via the link on each post here on Santa Update or by listening to Kringle Radio directly at KringleRadio.com

Elf Ernest

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Where it is Christmas Eve now: Columbia

Listen to Elf Barnaby talk about waking Santa up from his nap to get ready to launch:

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