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Three Hours to Launch


5We’re just 3 hours or less away from Santa’s launch and the Tracking Center is very busy already. Elves from around the world are testing equipment, getting into place and checking in to the North Pole.

A lot of people think the Tracking Department just tracks Santa. They do that but that is actually the easiest part of what they do.

At the tracking center they monitor in real time what is going on all over the world. Santa has a need to know what is happening and the tracking center is charged with keeping him up to date. If he is flying over the Indian Ocean and he has a question about something in, say, Mexico, he contacts the Tracking Department. And the tracking department always has to have an answer for Santa.

So they station elves all over the world to not only watch the skies for Santa but to also report back to the North Pole what is going on around them. There are “spotter” elves in nearly every town and neighborhood all over the world who report back to the North Pole. These are not spies…they are elves.

Elf Ernest

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Listen to Elf Buck Sanchez sequence the final go-for-launch protocol around the world:

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