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North Pole Podcast
Sleigh Traffic Jam Over Canada


so2013opHundreds of sleighs are in transit over the skies of Canada. Many of them are headed for the North Pole but many others are headed for Jingle Bell 1.

The situation has created a crowded sky high above the country of Canada at this hour. Unfortunately, because of cloud cover and a lack of lights on those sleighs not a lot of people can actually see the sleighs in flight.

One of the questions we got sent to us over the website has to do with regular commercial air traffic and whether Santa or any of his sleighs has to worry about an accident.

The answer is no. The North Pole has the most advanced air traffic system in the world and can detect even small birds that are in flight.

We’re sure that once Santa gets launched all these sleighs traveling about will concentrate their efforts on certain tasks and the skies over Canada will become clear of the sleighs.

Elf Ernest

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