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Santa’s Workshop Buzzing with Activity

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Santa's Workshop Buzzing with Activity


11Merry Greetings!

It has been a rough ride for Santa’s workshop this year. Resources are stretched thin, deadlines are all blown, and it appears Santa could very well be late in deliveries this year.

Be prepared for a long night of tracking Santa.

But have no fear. Santa has never failed to deliver and he has lots of help.

Santa’s workshop continues to work very hard.

And over in the barnyard thousands of elves are rushing in and out of the Big Building with No Name.

We still don’t know what that is all about but if you have been following along since news broke on this project in June you know a top secret project has been underway.

Normally there are preparations being made at this time for the North Pole Christmas Eve party. None of that has happened and due to the work still to be done we’re not sure if there will be a Christmas Eve party this year.

Nobody seems to mind – just as long as Santa makes it around the world.

Elf Ernest

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