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Santa Trackers World Wide Check In

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Santa Trackers World Wide Check In


1221A favorite pastime for many in the hours leading up to Christmas is tracking Santa on a map to see where he is and how far away he is from delivering in a certain part of the world.

Millions of people around the world track Santa.

Some trackers meet in groups, either online or offline, and many who are registered as elves and who work as secret spies for Santa like to check in at the North Pole as they begin their activities.

Some meet by telephone and many others use the Internet. One such faithful group called Team YANTSU has been doing it since 2009 and stream their tracking efforts to the world via their website, SantaTracking.net. Click the audio link below to hear one of their members explain what they do.

We’re interested in meeting every last one of you! Please check in! And if you haven’t done so yet, please join the International Santa Trackers Association.

Elf Ernest

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Listen to an interview with Team YANTSU, famed Santa trackers:

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