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Radio Broadcast from the North Pole Begins

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Radio Broadcast from the North Pole Begins


radioaniGreetings one and all, Merry Christmas!

The moment we’ve been waiting for all year has arrived – the countdown to Santa’s launch is in its final hours and all the details of Santa’s ride will be right here on SantaUpdate.com and broadcast live on Kringle Radio.

Up here at the North Pole all are still very hard at work. But like you, we’re listening to Kringle Radio – great Christmas music with breaking news updates every 15 minutes that keeps us all up to date.

At this moment Christmas Eve is dawning in the South Pacific. The tracking center is checking communication with spotters in that part of the world, making things ready for Santa.

We have BIG, BIG news coming in the hours ahead – things you’ve never heard or read before about Santa and how he gets around the world will be revealed. You don’t want to miss a bit of it.

Hang your maps, tune your radio, decorate your stockings and trim your tree – it’s Christmas and Santa will soon be on the way.

Elf Ernest

Coming up next: Update from Santa’s workshop

Listen to the News from Kringle Radio:


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