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North Pole Cheers as Santa Takes Control of Christmas

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Cheers as Santa Takes Control of Christmas


Carton Smiling Santa Claus shows thumbs up, isolated on whiteNever, ever doubt what Santa can do, kids. With Jingle Bell 1 now in the air Santa has TWO workshops and TWO wrapping departments hard at work. Things are NOT behind — they’re ahead! If I had just one thing to say to sum this thing up it would be this: Santa has taken control of Christmas. And he’s more than ready to deliver.

Things are going nuts here. Worried faces now smile broadly as everyone now realizes what Santa has been up to. What was just a little while ago one of the most problematic Christmas seasons ever has turned into the most organized, efficient and technologically advanced Christmas campaigns ever.

Santa is going to set records with this flight!

Everything is huge this year. The sleigh is big. The building was big. Jingle Bell 1 is big – everything is huge.

As Jingle Bell 1 launched you could hear the wild cheers more than a mile away – that’s how happy everyone here is.

And it is going to make for a fascinating story as Santa takes flight later on tonight.

Keep it tuned right here, you’re not going to want to miss any of the news.

Elf Ernest

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