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Mystery of the Mountain of Coal Solved

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Mystery of the Mountain of Coal Solved


30As Christmas Eve falls in the Middle East, Africa and in Europe at this hour we are learning more about all that coal that has been arriving for months at the North Pole.

The coal powers Jingle Bell 1.

We wondered how Santa was doing it. At first, someone here said that all these thousands of reindeer were the reason that Jingle Bell 1 was able to lift off from that giant building. But no one actually saw flying reindeer when it was launched.

But now we understand.

That thing must be really heavy. The coal is being moved now in record amounts – sleigh by sleigh – which takes it to Jingle Bell 1 and then returns back to the North Pole for another load.

Elf Ernest

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Listen to Elf Crash explain how coal powers Jingle Bell 1:

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