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Elves World Wide Begin North Pole Check In

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Elves World Wide Begin North Pole Check In


24Santa has elves working all over the world and they are starting to report in to the North Pole.

Of course, those elves are out there every day. It takes people all over the world to help Santa be Santa.

But these are special days of the year and every elf that Santa has in every part of the world is working. Some are working far from home.

We are getting a lot of questions about these elves and what they do.

Many of them are “spotters”. A spotter elf is kind of like a scout. They go and learn a certain area of the world and transmit what they learn back to the North Pole. It can be about the weather, about local construction projects or even about some of the people that live there.

Their job is to tell Santa as much as possible, to be on the look out for things that might cause Santa trouble on his flight and to be there in case of emergency.

With Christmas Eve dawning in some spots in the world right now ALL of these elves are at work either sending in information or getting into position.

Elf Ernest

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Where it is Christmas Eve now: Australia

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