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Tips for Tracking Santa

1221Merry Christmas!

Within 24 hours many of you will be starting to track Santa on his merry flight. We wanted to give you some tips from the Tracking Department for the most effective means of following along with Santa online:

1. Use an old fashioned flat paper map. Many stores have these very cheaply. But a large map on the wall can serve many people in your house.

2. Some follow along by marking a line on the map of Santa’s flight with a pen or even a piece of yarn or string.

3. There are many sources online that claim to know where Santa is and they don’t all match up. If you want to know how WE here at the North Pole see Santa, follow along right here. We always give accurate information of Santa’s current location because we have a direct line of communication with Santa.

4. Santa usually flies for about 30 hours straight. Santa doesn’t expect you to follow along with every minute of his flight.

We hope you enjoy tracking Santa this year and the news we share of what is going on around the world. It is a pleasure bringing it to you.

Elf Ernest