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LIVE Radio Broadcast from the North Pole Starts Soon


2Merry Christmas Everyone!

Our live radio broadcast of news from the North Pole begins in just eight short hours — just as Christmas Eve dawns on the far side of the world.

Our live broadcast begins early because we want to tell the story of Christmas around the world.

Santa has stationed elves in every country to watch the skies and to monitor the activities of Christmas wherever he visits. Our news broadcast will check in with these elves from all of these different countries.

We also keep you up to date on the breaking news of Operation Merry Christmas at the North Pole. A LOT goes on behind the scenes in order to help Santa deliver.

And of course we also report on Santa himself – checking in on the reindeer, the condition of the sleigh and just where Santa is over the course of his flight.

Tune in to Kringle Radio.com to follow along!

Elf Ernest


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