Final Day of Rest at the North Pole

su2013gyGreetings all!

It is Sunday and that means a day of rest and worship for us here at the North Pole. Yes, we’re busy. And yes, Christmas and Santa’s launch is just around the corner.

But Santa insists that we take this time off. He does this every year.

It is hard for a lot of elves to rest when there is so much still to be done. Everyone is thinking real hard about what the next few days will be like.

We meet later tonight as a North Pole family for our annual Christmas devotional. This takes place at the North Pole Chapel. Santa will be there and for many of us it will be the last time we see him before he takes off.

We love the devotional. We sing songs and Santa usually tells us the Christmas story. It is a great event.

Elf Ernest

Question of the Day: Does Santa receive any presents?