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Elves Sent for Training in Explosives

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Elves Sent for Training in Explosives

14breakingnews4An odd bit of breaking news here today: Santa has assembled a team of six elves to leave today for Houston, Texas in the United States for training in explosives.

No explanation has been given for this training and why it needs to happen now when it is so close to Christmas.

The elves are all from the Research and Development Department, the same folks who design and construct Santa’s Sleigh.

Elf Quinton said he was aware of the training but was quick to point out that explosives will have no part in Santa’s sleigh.

“Santa’s sleigh is a delivery vehicle,” Elf Quinton said. “It is not made to deliver bombs or inflict harm.”

Santa is not at the North Pole at this time. He piloted the sleigh late last night in a trip to Malaysia. He is scheduled to meet with children today so he isn’t around here for me to ask him about this team of elves headed to Houston.

We will keep you posted.

Elf Ernest

Additional news via the radio report filed on this story: