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Workshop Falls Further Behind

13Merry Christmas Everyone!

We begin the last full week that we have before Christmas….and things are in a bit of a panic here at the North Pole.

Elf Bernard had a little meltdown in the production meetings this morning. He told Santa that if he doesn’t get more elves today that he didn’t think he could be ready by Christmas Eve.

Santa listened to him very seriously. He promised Elf Bernard that he would find some elves to come help out.

And then he told us all that while this Christmas feels different than many years in the past that everything was under control. He assured us that everything is on track and that everyone just needs to work hard, be cheerful and things would work out.

But he didn’t say anything more to answer our questions about everything that is going on.

Elf Ernest

Question of the Day: How does Santa get around the world in just one night?