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Broadcast News Team Announced for Tracking Santa

Broadcast News Team Announced for Tracking Santa 1

newsguysKringle Radio’s signature 50-hour live radio broadcast brings the world unprecedented news coverage of Santa, his flight, the elves, the reindeer and all the operations at the North Pole. It is a huge story to tell and the News Department at the North Pole today announces an all-star line up of news anchors who will provide the voices of the news over the course of Santa’s flight.

They are:

Elf Red Stocking — Flamboyant, flame-headed headline hawker Elf Red anchors the broadcast for the 2nd year. Red worked for years spinning Christmas records at station WIMP at the North Pole while he moonlighted as a lounge singer and weekend Christmas-light architect. He delivers the news with bold enthusiasm and never hesitates to dig deep when questioning in interviews. Known for his legendary stamina behind the mike, Red once did a marathon broadcast of 100 straight hours playing nothing but accordion and gazoo classics of Christmas (where he found 100 hours of that stuff we’ll never know). Oh, and yes girls, he’s married.

Elf Barbara — Barbara is new to the broadcast this year but not unfamiliar to North Pole newspaper readers and television watchers. Her syndicated talk show on WPTV at the North Pole is the most popular show on daytime television. Her happy style, her surprise questions and frequently raised eyebrows often disarms guests who like to hold back information. “Babs” as some elves like to call her loves a good controversy.

Elf Frank Myrrh — Veteran radio news voice Frank Myrrh returns to the broadcast. His favorite color is tan, his favorite food is pudding, and he wears the same color shirt every single day. Frank has a way of disappearing in the background of a news story and never makes himself part of it.

Elf Holly Berry — Formerly a weather girl in the Tracking Department, Elf Holly got a little experience as a bright-eyed reporter last year and brings that brightness and enthusiasm to this year’s broadcast tracking Santa. Holly is precise, cheerful and stunning.

Elf Rusty Belz — Voted the Most Trusted Man at the North Pole Besides Santa, Elf Rusty is a veteran radio news voice with decades of experience. He’s seen it all, heard it all and done it all over his career — at least twice. Rusty is calm (usually) though sometimes a bit forgetful. Eternally optimistic, there is no bad news that Rusty cannot deliver without a smile.

Elf Crash Murphy — Formerly a tape dispenser technician in the wrapping department Elf Crash volunteered for the hazardous duty of trying to keep up with Santa in a chaser sleigh last Christmas. His memorable reports drew the most email from kids after Santa’s ride last year. Crash got his name for being a little accident prone in the brief period he worked in Santa’s workshop. Tall (for an elf), Crash has long legs and big feet — and he’s a bit clumsy. But he’s completely unruffled by the complexity of Santa’s duties and he loves to give his eyewitness take on what happens as Santa travels the world.

All of these news professionals will be heard on Kringle Radio and their reports will be archived here on SantaUpdate.com

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