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Santa Vows to Deliver on Time

5Merry Christmas, all!

In a meeting early this morning Elf Hugo reported to Santa that the tone and the questions about Christmas this year coming from kids is really, really worried.

They are concerned about all the elves disappearing and they write especially that they are concerned that Elf Victor might not have enough elves to take care of the reindeer.

That might be my fault. I’m the one reporting the news and sometimes kids get a little wound up over what I report. So let me help with this a little bit.

First of all, I checked with Elf Victor and all the reindeer are just fine. Nobody is hungry and all are in good shape. No worries there.

Second, Santa said that he knows there is a lot of “confidential stuff” going on this year but it actually means things are going better, not worse.

Santa is not concerned about the workshop being behind.

He doesn’t care that the North Pole post office can’t keep up with the mail.

He says the Wrapping Department will get all the help it needs when the time comes.

And, most importantly, he says he will deliver on time.

Elf Ernest

Question of the Day: Do elves ever come to my house?