Lights are on at the Big Building with No Name

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Lights are on at the Big Building with No Name

14breakingnews4Greetings one and all,

I was up late last night, working on what to tell you today. I looked out my window and I noticed something on the Big Building with No Name that I had not noticed before: lights!

Yes, lights are on in that building. Of course, I cannot see in the windows and I have no idea what they are doing in there.

But someone is in there doing something and that something is big.

Today, I saw a HUGE shipment of gingerbread and gumdrops delivered to that building. They couldn’t hide that.

What could they use gingerbread and gum drops for in that big building?

The mystery only deepens with that Big Building with No Name.

The guys at the broadcast center noticed it too and filed this report:


Elf Ernest

Question of the Day: How does a secret spy for Santa do his job? Who or what do you spy on?