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Wrapping Department Suffers Delays

10Hi everyone!

Elf Wally over in the Wrapping Department has a bit of a lonely job. He doesn’t get to plan like everyone else. He has to wait on everyone else before his department can do their work.

And this year it appears the Wrapping Department is having a bit of a hard time. Things are going very slowly.

There are a couple of reasons. First of all, since the workshop has a shortage of elves they have slowed down the amount of stuff that Wally and his team need to wrap.

But the Wrapping Department also has a shortage of elves, too. In fact, Wally says it is just himself and three other elves in there.

And that’s totally weird, kids. Normally Wally has a team of more than 700 elves in there.

Wally says that about a week ago he got a phone call from Elf Agent X. He said it was the weirdest phone call he had ever received. He was on the phone with Elf Agent X for almost an hour and they talked about his dog Digger that whole time and what Elf Agent X should get him for Christmas.

After Wally got off the phone he came out of his office and most of his elves were gone – and he hasn’t seen any of them since.

700 elves gone – vaporized into thin air!

Wally told me today that he thinks they were taken into the Big Building with No Name. What do you guys think?

Elf Ernest

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