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Coal Continues to Arrive at the North Pole

2Hi everyone,

It is a snowy Monday here at the North Pole. That’s about all the good news I have for you today.

As expected, today’s production meeting did not go well. No, the workshop is not behind much yet. Elf Bernard has a plan and those elves who are showing up for work are working very hard.

But several elves are missing.

We asked Elf Agent X, head elf over the Department of North Pole Security, to look into the elves who are not reporting for work at the North Pole post office, the workshop and out at Santa’s Stables. We have to find out what happened to them. He says he is on the job and will get us some answers.

Meanwhile, out behind the Big Building with No Name the coal shipments are continuing to arrive here at the North Pole.

It is piled so high out there it looks like another mountain has grown in just the past few months. It is so high there is snow covering the top of it.

Santa refuses to tell us what it is for.

Elf Ernest

Question of the Day: Does Santa’s sleigh have any turbo charged rocket boosters?