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North Pole Post Office Short on Elves

7Hi everyone!

With less than 20 days remaining until Christmas now the North Pole Post Office is busier than ever – and starting to fall behind.

“I don’t understand it,” Elf Hugo said. “We expanded things over the summer so that we could handle all the extra letters, cards, emails, faxes and other things that come to the North Pole but we just can’t keep up.”

Part of the problem is that some elves who work for Hugo are not showing up for work.

“They aren’t calling in sick but they are not answering the phones either when I try to call them to find out where they are,” Elf Hugo said.

You can buy all the fancy machines you want but you still have to have the elves to run them.

I hope Elf Hugo gets it figured out soon so that Santa’s mail doesn’t get held up.

Elf Ernest

Question of the day: How does Santa eat all those cookies in one night?